Creaform and Les Artisans du Passage – nicely working together

By: Isabelle Roy

In: 3D Scanning Projects

9 Jun 2011

Les Artisants du Passage’s jewellery shop is working on a 4-ton bronze Mammouth Spirit sculpture by sculptor Vincent Champion-Ercoli for Quebec’s company Soprema. We also did some 3D scanning on the project. 

A few years back, we have worked with Les Artisans du Passage for a pretty original  jewellery project . We provided them with the 3D files we had acquired of the Fontaine de Tourny, and the jeweller used them to create miniatures that were given as official gifts to the chiefs of state and leaders’s spouses attending the 22nd Francophony Summit, held in Quebec City in October of 2008.

Charm Bracelet and Sleeve Buttons

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